March 12, 2014

March 2016


St. Andrew Messenger

Love, Celebrate, Nurture, Share and Serve

March 2016

Seeking Home

During this season of Lent, we have been thinking together about the themes of home and belonging as it relates to our journey with Christ, as individuals and as a community of faith. We will continue this theme, and this journey, as we move through the month of March, a month that, in harsher climates is characterized as “coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb.” For Christians in 2016, March comes in with “Rose Sunday,” the Sunday in Lent in which the somber discipline of Lent lifts so that we can glimpse the promised joy of Easter. Then we descend back into the journey that takes us, with Christ, to the final meal with his friends, the betrayal, arrest, torture and execution of our Lord. And then the shock of Easter.

You are invited to walk along the journey with your community of faith in the Sundays of March and the special services of Holy Week. Please set this time aside so that, at Easter, your faith may be full and deep.

The themes of home and belonging are resonant for the special offering we promote during Lent and receive on Palm Sunday, the One Great Hour of Sharing.  Since 1949, this offering, which was begun to assist the devastated nations of Europe following the Second World War, has provided assistance to those in need. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the Presbyterian Hunger Program and Self-Development of Peoples are all funded by One Great Hour of Sharing. Your giving assists those devastated by disaster in this country and all over the world, provides emergency food relief to those stricken by drought, dislocation and disaster, and empowers people to build lives of independence and self-determination. Because of your giving in the past, people in the northeast states leveled by Superstorm Sandy are rebuilding homes and businesses; families in Nepal where 500,000 homes were destroyed by earthquakes in 2015 are receiving disaster aid; nations in Europe flooded by refugees from the violence in Syria have received support; partners in this country working with the “food insecure” rural and urban poor have been helped with safety nets; and clean water has been provided to communities around the world.

Home and belonging are powerful realities for all of God’s children wherever they reside. Please continue the Lenten journey as you give using the enclosed envelope.

And the Practice of Belonging

St. A’s Family News

Worship in March

6:          Fourth Sunday in Lent, Rose Sunday; Sacrament of Holy Communion.

13:        Fifth Sunday in Lent (Daylight Savings Time starts at 2 a.m.; set your clocks forward).

20:        Palm/Passion Sunday.

24:        Maundy Thursday; soup supper @ 6:30 with celebration of Holy Communion.

25:        Good Friday; Tenebrae Service of Shadows @ 7:30 p.m.

27:        Resurrection of the Lord; Easter

Worship Notes

In this month, the calendar serves up an interesting and unusual bracketing of our time.

We begin the month with the Fourth Sunday in Lent which is also Rose Sunday. Rose Sunday is comparable to Joy Sunday in Advent when our preparation and Lenten sacrifice is lifted so that we might glimpse the joy in store for us on Easter Sunday. So, this year, we begin and end March with joy!

We also continue and conclude our Lenten emphasis “Seeking Home and the Practice of Belonging.”

Also remember to set your clocks forward an hour at the end of the day on March 13th as we move into Daylight Savings Time. Don’t want to miss worship!

At the end of the month, we continue journey begun with Ash Wednesday, following Christ to the cross and the open tomb. Palm/Passion Sunday is on March 20th. On this day, we remember the triumphant entry of Jesus into the holy city of Jerusalem, riding into town the acclaim of the crowd.

Maundy Thursday, March 24th, also known as Holy Thursday, is the day we remember the events of the last day of Jesus’ life, including the first celebration of the Lord’s Supper and his arrest. We will have a simple soup supper and quiet worship service in the Social Hall. Please use the enclosed flyer to let us know you will be coming.

On Good Friday, the day we re-enact the day of Jesus’ crucifixion, we will have our traditional Tenebrae Service of Shadows with some additions. “Tenebrae” means “darkness” or “shadows” and has been practiced since medieval times when it was a service for the monastic community. It is marked by silence, meditation and the reading of the story of that day. It is a good service to introduce children to this important aspect of our Christian faith.

Easter will be our joyful remembrance of God’s enduring love for his son and for us. We will have music, flowers, children and joy, followed by our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Our High School students will be our Head Easter Bunnies this year. We invite all children over 5 years old to stay in worship and will provide activity bags for them to keep them occupied. Invite a friend or neighbor to the service and festivities.

On Palm Sunday and Easter, we request that those who are able park on the street, in the library parking lot next door or at the far ends of the parking lot, leaving space for guests and visitors.

Flowers to Glorify God

The flowers on Easter will be Easter lilies which, after the service, will be delivered by our Deacons to those who need to be remembered at this joyous and holy time of year. Use the enclosed form to donate one.

Session and Deacon News

Session News

The Session, as it re-organized, made the following assignments to serve on or chair committees:

Congregational Life:      David Koblitz

Mission:            Lisa Angelot

Nominating:       Doug Kimsey

Nurture:            Kate Chaloemtiarana & Meg Hunter

Personnel:         Carol Allen

Stewardship:     Roy Stotts

Worship:           Hal Humphrey

Rob Carpenter was elected Treasurer.

Our two joint committees with New Life Christian Fellowship are:

Joint Management:        Nick Raisis

PreSchool: Meg Hunter & Kate Chaloemtiarana

We also need another member of the PreSchool Board. If you would like to serve in this capacity, talk with Penny.

Presbytery Commissioners: Lisa Angelot and Hal Humphrey. We are assigned three commissioners and would like to have an alternate. If you would like to know more about the “larger” church and its work and mission, and are available for Tuesday afternoon and evening meetings six times a year, please contact Penny.

The Session is also making preparations for the transition to an interim ministry for St. Andrew after Penny’s retirement. Betty Delaney, St. Andrew’s liaison with San Francisco Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry and InHo Kim, staff for Committee on Ministry, met with the Session at its February 22nd meeting to explain some of the future steps. Session also established a Transition Task Force to look ahead to the coming months before an Interim Pastor comes to St. Andrew in order to assure as smooth a transition as possible. If you have concerns or suggestions for them, talk with Jon Christ, Rob Carpenter, Carol Allen, Valerie Davidson or Hal Humphrey.

Deacon News

The deacons, at their organizational meeting on January 26th, made a contribution of $197 to the Deacons Fund of San Francisco Presbytery which provides emergency assistance to ministers of the presbytery and their families. At the February 23rd meeting, we made a list for Easter lily deliveries.


Francis Mendonca died at home on February 19th. His memorial service will take place in April.

Andie and Jim Carter were transferred to First Presbyterian Church of Bend, Oregon, by Session action on February 22nd at their request.

Judi Kuhn’s mother, Phyllis Wellemeyer, Amy and Stephanie’s grandmother, died at Seton Hospital on February 25th.

About People

Kate Chaloemtiarana wrote a one-act play that was staged and performed at her school, Lick-Wilmerding High School, on January 29th and 30th. It was part of the 28th Annual Festival of One Acts and was titled Opus 71, about the end of the life of Tchaikovsky.

Eric Lindstrom, Susan Carter’s husband and James and Rachel’s stepfather, published his first novel, Not If I See You First. It has come out under the Young Adult category and is available at Florey’s Book Store in Pacifica.

For and About Families

Sunday School

The Joan of Arcadia class for grades 6-8 will meet in March on the 13th for the whole hour. If you are older and want to be a part of this class, you are very welcome!

Youth Group

The Youth Group meets on the first Sunday of the month for brunch together. So, if you are in 9th through 12th grade and want to join us, meet at the church at 11 am on March 6th, to walk over to Pacific’s or the Grill. If you have $5 to throw into the kitty for lunch, bring it.

Presbyterian Youth Triennium 2016

2016 is a Triennium year! Every three years, around 5,000 high school students from entering freshmen through graduated seniors gather at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, for a life changing week. The dates for the 2016 PYT are July 19th through the 25th. Registration is now open and Penny Newall has registration and health forms. We will need to send them into presbytery by April 1st  to reserve our spaces, so ask for them, fill them out and get them back to Penny. If you want to learn more, Google “Presbyterian Youth Triennium” and watch the video invitation.

Westminster Woods

The Woods has opened registration for summer camping. Those whose children have attended the Woods previously should have received email notification of registration and dates. The season will be from June 26th through July 30th. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for you or your child(ren) to experience “heaven on earth.” If you would like to speak with other parents or campers who have attended the Woods in the past, ask Penny for a reference. Camperships will be given to each attendee and other assistance is available if financial considerations would prevent you from going to the Woods. Speak with Penny about this.

Go online to for more information or to register.

Chicks for new life

In Armenia, Marietta Zakaryan launched an egg business that is thriving thanks to a help hand from Heifer supporters like us. “At some point she became the most reliable supplier of eggs, so all the neighbors started buying from her,” says Marietta’s grandmother proudly.

Terra Nova Christian Preschool/Day Care

We provide a safe, nurturing environment for children age two to pre-Kindergarten five days a week, 11 hours a day, at our Terra Nova Christian PreSchool & Day Care. The pre-Kindergarten program has been designed in consultation with Pacifica Kindergarten teachers. If you have a TK or K student at Ortega School, we provide an afternoon program for that age with pick up from Ortega. There is a 10% discount for church members. If you would like to know more, please contact the Director, Janis Brunori, at 355-2962, or check out our website at

Opportunities for Growth

New College Berkeley

The Cultivated Life: A Lenten Retreat

Saturday, March 5th

9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Co-Sponsored with and held at First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley

2407 Dana Street, Berkeley

$25, no lunch provided

Led by Susan Phillips, Executive Director of New College and Spiritual Director

Join us this Lent as we stop and pay attention to God’s great love and truth, as expressed through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This will be a contemplative retreat with Scripture, prayer, and listening to one another.
To register, call 510-841-9386 or go online to

Mission Hospice Workshop

Dying is not a medical event

A day with Barbara Karnes

Thursday, March 31st, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Award-winning nurse and end-of-life educator Barbara Karnes, RN, will lead a free day-long workshop and share her perspectives about the dynamics of dying, families, and togetherness. For information, contact Susan Barber at 532.2396 or sbarber@Mission

Mercy Center Burlingame

Deepen Your Intimacy with the Sacred through Spiritual Art Journaling
Colette Lafia

Friday, March 18, 2016
10 am to 3 pm

$30 registration; $10 materials fee

In this day retreat, we will explore and experience how spiritual art journaling can:

  • deepen our prayer life;
    • deepen our relationship with ourselves; and
    • deepen our sacred relationship with the Divine.

Through contemplation and play, we will engage in art-making as a sacred practice, allowing silence and space to nurture us.

We will reference Marianne Hieb’s book, Inner Journeying through Art-Journaling, and our guiding principles will be: 1) creative time as sacred time; 2) creating our own images as a form of prayer; and 3) art journaling as a healing process.

We will take time as a supportive community to appreciate our images and words, and reflect upon how this practice can deepen our intimacy with ourselves, one another, and with the Divine. No previous art experience required.

Art materials are provided and a $10 materials fee will be collected by the presenter.

Mission News

Gifts of the Heart


On February 28th, the Kids’ Club met for a fun afternoon of games and service planning.
As an extension of our Gift of the Heart, Clean-up bucket Mission project for
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the kids made Clean-up buck booklets for their
family and friends. Each booklet contains “clean-up bucks” with opportunities for
service around the house, the garden or the community, printed on the back.
Talk to your kids about their booklets and about service to one another. Together
decide what service or chore your child will offer from their booklet.

Then throughout the month of March make a matching donation to St. Andrew
based on the value of the corresponding “clean-up bucks”. Be sure to clearly
mark your offering so that we can add it to our Mission donation to Presbyterian
Disaster Assistance for the purchase of clean-up buckets distributed around the
country in the wake of storms and floods.

As we march towards the Easter Cross, we remember the sacrifice and service of
Christ to the world. Even the smallest among us can be a reflection of this gift
through service to others. Way to go Kids’ Club!

Pacifica Resource Center

In the past month, we donated one box of food on January 31st, one box of food and one bag of diapers on February 7th, one box on each Sunday, February 14th, February 21st and February 28th. Thank you to all who help the hungry. The Resource Center marshals many resources to feed Pacificans in need: Second Harvest Food Bank, day old baked goods from local markets, produce from a variety of places and donations such as ours. They regularly need kid-friendly food such as breakfast cereal, mac and cheese, tuna, jam and jelly (they can get peanut butter from Second Harvest), as well as dried milk, pasta and rice

Rebuilding Together

We have heard from Rebuilding Together Peninsula which is planning already for the National Rebuilding Day, this year on Saturday, April 30th. We heard from Cari Pang Chen, Associate Director of RTP that they have three projects in Pacifica this year and one on which they want us to work with St. Peter Catholic Church, as we have several times in the past. You will hear more about this in April, but please save the date.

Earth Day 2016

We also hope to participate in the Earth Day events with the Pacifica Beach Coalition as we did last year. Save the date of Saturday, April 23rd, 9 to 11, and you will hear more about this. The 2016 “honoree” is the Sea Otter and the theme is “Healthy Waters; Healthy Otters”!  How fun will that be?! This is a great mission project for folks of all ages and for families to participate in. We are gifted to have both Karen Brandenberger and Margo Meiman as part of both our church family and the Pacifica Beach Coalition. It is anticipated that, because of the storms of this year and storm damage, there will be plenty to clean up!


The next Newcomer’s Group will be held on Saturday, March 12th, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30. Child care is provided if requested. If you are interested in joining this group or if you have taken the newcomer’s group and want to join the church at this time, please call the church office.

Do you know anyone looking for a housemate or renter, or trying to rent out a room in their home? HIP Housing’s non-profit Home Sharing program can help make that a safe, comfortable process. HIP Housing has given free, long-term support to those who need it most in San Mateo County for 42 years. This is especially important now, as our county has become one of the most expensive areas to live in within the United States. The need for extra income is a common one, and renting out a room in your home is a great way to reduce costs and help your community. For more information, contact 650-348-6660 x303 or visit www.hiphousing. org.

For the taking: copies are available on the table in the narthex of our March newsletter; the January/ February issue of the magazine, Presbyterians Today; the inserts Taking Faith Home from the previous Sunday bulletin; and the wonderful, riveting 2015 Annual Report.

The deadline for the April newsletter is March 15th. Please get your articles, flyers and notices to the church office as soon as possible, or email them to