November 25, 2014

November 2015

St. Andrew Messenger

November 2015

Love, Celebrate, Nurture, Share and Serve

Thanksgiving Prayer

Whatever is foreseen in joy
Must be lived out from day to day.
Vision held open in the dark
By our ten thousand days of work.
Harvest will fill the barn; for that
The hand must ache, the face must sweat.

And yet no leaf or grain is filled
By work of ours; the field is tilled
And left to grace. That we may reap,
Great work is done while we’re asleep.

When we work well, a Sabbath mood
Rests on our day, and finds it good.


  • Wendell Berry,Walking Meditations


The next Newcomer’s Group will be held on Saturday, December 12th, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30. Child care is provided if requested. If you are interested in joining this group or if you have taken the newcomer’s group and want to join the church at this time, please call the church office.

Do you know anyone looking for a housemate or renter, or trying to rent out a room in their home? HIP Housing’s non-profit Home Sharing program can help make that a safe, comfortable process. HIP Housing has given free, long-term support to those who need it most in San Mateo County for 42 years. This is especially important now, as our county has become one of the most expensive areas to live in within the United States. The need for extra income is a common one, and renting out a room in your home is a great way to reduce costs and help your community. For more information, contact 650-348-6660 x303 or visit www.hiphousing. org.

For the taking: copies are available on the table in the narthex of our November newsletter; the September/October issue of the magazine, Presbyterians Today; the inserts Taking Faith Home from the previous Sunday bulletin; and the 2014 Annual Report.

The deadline for the December newsletter is November 15th. Please get your articles, flyers and notices to the church office as soon as possible, or email them to

St. A’s Family News

Worship in November

1:         All Saints’ Day; Sacrament of Holy Communion.

8:         Ordination and Installation of Officers.

15:       Stewardship Dedication.

22:       Christ the King; Thanksgiving Sunday.

29:       First Sunday of Advent; St. Andrew Sunday.

Worship Notes

We begin the month with one of our most beloved services of the year, All Saints’ Day Sunday. All Saints’ Day is the day after “All Hallows Eve” or Halloween and the day before All Souls’ Day, November 1st. This year it falls on Sunday. We remember those in our church family and extended family who have died in the past year. We light candles, say prayers and give witness to the fact that those who have died are still a part of our lives.

The next Sunday, we will have a uniquely Presbyterian celebration as we ordain and install our newly elected officers (see next page).

On November 15th, we will dedicate your Estimate of Giving pledges as we end Stewardship season.

On November 22nd, we will observe Thanksgiving, everyone’s favorite holiday. We will mark it with Thanksgiving hymns and honor our call to live as grateful people. We also observe Christ the King Sunday. Christ the King Sunday marks the end of the liturgical year as we remember that we follow a Savior who lived as us, was crucified, died, rose from the dead and reigns with God in glory until he comes again.

Finally, on the fifth Sunday of November, we will begin our holy season of Advent, a time of preparation for the birth of Hope of the World. Our Advent theme this year will be … a surprise!

It is also St. Andrew Day, St. Andrew’s feast day. We will celebrate that with all things Scottish (St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland) including bagpipes and a Scottish tea. Wear plaid to celebrate.

Flowers to Glorify God

Flowers in our Sunday service bring a glimpse of God’s glorious creation into our worship hour. If you would like to bring a floral arrangement for our Sunday services, we will include your name and honoree(s) in our bulletin (a birthday, anniversary, celebration of any kind, etc.). After the service, you may take your beautiful arrangement home to enjoy (bring the vase back)! There are vases in the kitchen for your use. Sign up for a special Sunday service. Look for the 2015 and 2016 FLOWER charts on our bulletin board. Any questions, please contact Ruth Holmes at 878-8687.

Trick or Treat for UNICEF

Please remember to bring those orange boxes back to the church so we can send the funds along to help children around the world!

Movie Night

Mission Hospice will present a film about how we live and die. All are invited.

Go In Peace

Thursday, November 12th, at 6:30 pm

In honor of Veterans Day, we present this magnificent, moving 2014 documentary about helping veterans who are facing the end of life — and struggling to resolve the past.

Session and Deacon News

Call to the Congregational Meeting

The Session has issued a call for a Congregational Meeting of St. Andrew Presbyterian Church to be held on Sunday, November 1, 2015, immediately following worship, for the purpose of acting on the report of the Nominating Committee.

The Nominating Committee will place in nomination the following people for the following offices:

Session, Class of 2018

Carol Allen

Rob Carpenter

Hal Humphrey

Doug Kimsey

Board of Deacons, Class of 2016

Nancy Stotts

Board of Deacons, Class of 2018

Cheri Coulter

Amy Davidson

Valerie Davidson

Mary Straws

Nominating Committee

Angela Cunneen (2018)

Maxine Hines (2018)

Session News

All members of St. Andrew and those who have pledged in the past should have received an Estimate of Giving card in the mail this past month. Please return your card in the enclosed envelope to the church office as soon as possible so it can be included in both the Stewardship Dedication on November 15th and in our budget preparation on December 5th. Offering envelopes will be available beginning on December 13th for those who make a pledge. If you would like envelopes, but do not want to make an estimate, please indicate that on your card and send it to the church or call the church office. If you did not receive this mailing and would like to be included in our stewardship, please call the church or indicate this on your registration card and it will be sent to you. Or check the table in the narthex for estimate of giving cards and return envelopes. When filling out your card, be sure to indicate whether you want monthly or weekly envelopes.

2015 Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival Committee would like to thank the following people for their time and/or donations: Linda Barnes, Nathalie Berwick, Becky Christ, Emily Christ, Jonathan Christ, Mary Dare, Thea Davidson, Mary Dougherty, Peggy Draper, Shirley Drye, Bob Hayes, Marlene Hayes, Maxine Hines, Ruth Holmes, Judi Kuhn, Paul Kuhn, Stephanie Kuhn, Debbie Larroche, Marjory Matic, Deborah McCarthy, Penny Newall, The Pacifica Quilters, Sandy Quibell, Charlyne Smith, Nancy and Roy Stotts. The Bake Sale was a big hit! Ruth Holmes made Apple and Mixed Berry Pies, Deborah McCarthy made Apricot Jam and Roy Stotts made bread! Thank you again to all who supported our event and brought neighbors, friends and family to visit us on October 17th!  It was a beautiful day and we made $986.50 for Youth Activities!

Judi Kuhn


At the regular meeting of the Board of Deacons on September 22nd, the Board discussed its regular business and concerns and made donations of $500 each to InnVision/Shelter Network and Pacifica School Volunteers. InnVision/Shelter Network provides transitional housing to individuals, including homeless veterans, and families in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.

For and About Families

Sunday School

The Joan of Arcadia class for grades 6-8 will meet in November on the 8th and 22nd for the whole hour. If you are older and want to be a part of this class, you are very welcome!

Kids’ Club

In October, we were all about pumpkins, of course. Heather and Max Burns were our pumpkin wranglers for a special afternoon of decorating pumpkins and games. Nine of our children had a special time decorating. Thanks to Aaron Grech for his parental assist. Next Kids’ Club will be in February.

Youth Group

The Youth Group meets on the first Sunday of the month for brunch together. So, if you are in 9th through 12th grade and want to join us, meet at the church at 11 am on November 1st, to walk over to Pacific’s or the Grill. If you have $5 to throw into the kitty for lunch, bring it.

Westminster Woods

Looking ahead:

NovemberBash for middle schoolers

November 6th-8th

DecemberFest for high schoolers

December 4th-6th

Forest Adventure for 4th-6th graders

February 5th-7th

Go online to for more information or to register.

 Heifer International

In the immediate aftermath of the April 25 earthquake, Heifer Nepal, in coordination with the District Disaster Relief Committees, provided temporary shelter supplies to 22,714 needy families in 97 Village Development Committees (VDCs) in 13 districts. They distributed 20,210 tarpaulins, 40,672 blankets, 220 mattress rolls and 32 rolls of plastic sheets as immediate relief.

Families have been able to begin the rebuilding process. At the conclusion of our relief efforts at the end of June, Heifer shifted to providing help with long-term recovery. That includes providing communities with the resources to:

  • Reconstruct thousands of animal sheds destroyed by the earthquake
  • Devise new storage bins, cellars and other means to safeguard food supplies
  • Purchase fertilizer and other materials so farmers can get back to planting their fields
  • Restore backyard poultry and egg projects, in many cases replacing chickens that perished in the disaster and its aftermath
  • Purchase healthy goats for the families best able to care for them and school supplies for children eager to get back to class
  • Provide vaccination, deworming and other essential animal health care

They expect the recovery phase in Nepal to take many months, after which an even longer rehabilitation effort will begin. This work is also happening alongside other efforts to provide families access to vaccines, dewormings and other healthcare for their animals. Approximately 180 Heifer-trained community animal health workers, eight veterinarians and vet technicians will travel to the districts to provide necessary veterinary services.

Opportunities for Growth

New College Berkeley

Embracing Silence:

A Facilitated Retreat

Led by Jill Boyce and Sarah Johnson

Saturday, November 7, 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., Cost: $25

Join us for a retreat steeped in the rich inheritance of Christian silence, contemplative prayer and meditation. We will have times of being led in the practice by two spiritual directors, time for reflection and time for shared silence. Come be renewed and refreshed in the embrace of God.

Advent Prayer Retreat

Susan Phillips

Saturday, December 5, 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.,

First Presbyterian Church, Berkeley

2407 Dana Street, Berkeley

Cost: $25

Advent is an opportunity to reflect on this adventure into which God invites us. Carve out time in the press toward Christmas to prepare your hearts for walking the way in the year ahead. Join us for a morning of prayer, reflection and readying ourselves to continue our great pilgrimage with Christ.

To register, call 510-841-9386 or go online to

Mercy Center Burlingame

The Power of Grace
A Spirituality Workshop with David Richo

Saturday, December 5, 2015
10:00 am to 3:00 pm

$65 nonrefundable registration
Please bring your own lunch

The self-help movement puts its accent on exercises and suggestions to improve ourselves. But there is another force to look to. If we think back over the episodes and milestones of our lives, we notice that somewhere in each event there was a happening, something beyond our choice, plan, or expectation. We were somehow helped to make a leap or guided to something new by a Higher Power than ourselves. That special assistance, unmerited, unearned, unforeseen, unplanned, often unnoticed, is called grace, the amazing gift dimension of life. It comes to every one of us many times in life, even today. We can learn ways to open to the grace of the Holy Spirit. We can find an opportunity for psychological growth and spiritual awakening both in life events and in relationships.

David Richo, Ph.D., M.F.T. is a psychotherapist, teacher, workshop leader, and writer who works in Santa Barbara and San Francisco, California. He combines Jungian, poetic, and mythic perspectives in his work with the intention of integrating the psychological and the spiritual. His books and workshops include attention to Buddhist practices.

 Westminster Woods

Women’s Weekend:


Speaker:  Amy Seymour Haney

January 22 – 24, 2016

Cost: $170

Hospitality, despite what Pinterest and the magazines at the grocery store checkout lane tell us, is not really about how pretty our home looks to guests or how pretty we look to others.   Hospitality is about relationship – how are we changed by welcoming others into our lives, and how are we a part of the world around us. The Bible is ripe with stories of hospitality: how people welcomed Jesus and how Jesus welcomed them, how eating a meal with strangers meant angels had gathered around your dining table.

Amy is the pastor of Windsor Presbyterian Church in central Sonoma County, where she has served for almost 10 years.


Pacifica Resource Center

In the past month, we donated one box of food on October 4th, two bags on October 11th and October 18th and one bag October 25th. Thank you to all who help the hungry. The Resource Center marshals many resources to feed Pacificans in need: Second Harvest Food Bank, day old baked goods from local markets, produce from a variety of places and donations such as ours. They regularly need kid-friendly food such as breakfast cereal, mac and cheese, tuna, jam and jelly (they can get peanut butter from Second Harvest), as well as dried milk, pasta and rice. Please, no calendars. Thanks!

2015 Peacemaking Offering

To date, we have received $1,937.50 for our 2015 Peacemaking Offering. Half of that, $, will be donated to Freedom House in Burlingame which assists victims of human trafficking to move into their new lives of freedom. Thank you to all who donated!

Puente de la Costa Sur

We received this note on October 5th from Kerry Lobel, the Executive Director of Puente de la Costa Sur, regarding staffing changes at our partner organization down the coast:

Good morning, Penny –

I hope that all is well with you and yours.

I wanted you to be one of the first to know about some great news for Puente and for me. Effective, January 1, my deputy, Rita Mancera, will take the helm at Puente. I will continue on as a Strategic Projects Advisor, working on issues like farmworker housing, healthcare for the South Coast, education and childcare.

For Puente, it’s the best of all possible worlds to keep us both in new roles. For Rita, it’s time her time to lead. We’ve worked side-by-side for nine years and she is terrific. For me, it’s fantastic. I’ve longed to work on the larger infrastructure projects, and as you know, there is so much to do.

I’m so grateful for our friendship and your support.

See you soon.

Fondly, Kerry

Meet Elizabeth Cole

On Sunday, November 15th, Elizabeth Cole will be with us to introduce herself and her work. She is a mission co-worker who teaches Biblical studies at the Latin American Biblical University in Costa Rica. The school seeks to train leaders for the transformation of the church and society. She also develops educational materials, directs the School of Biblical Studies and coordinates the Scholarship Committee. She has been on itineration living in Berkeley at the Berkeley Presbyterian Mission Homes for the past several months, traveling the west coast to talk with congregations like St. Andrew about our Presbyterian mission work. Please make a point of being with us to meet her.

You can write a letter by going to


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