October 8, 2014

October 2015

St. Andrew Messenger

October 2015

Love, Celebrate, Nurture, Share and Serve

Generous Living

When we think about rhythms in our lives, we might refer to many things:

  • the rhythms of our day — from waking to sleeping
  • the rhythms of the week — work, school, weekend
  • the rhythms of the seasons — autumn, winter, spring, summer
  • the rhythms of our lives — from childhood to teenage years to young adulthood to maturity and into older age

One aspect of harmonious living, of serenity, is the acceptance of these rhythms and the ability to live in the present moment, not longing for or regretting the past or anticipating or fearing the future.

There is yet another set of rhythms that we are called to practice as people of faith:

the rhythm of grace and gratitude

In the May 2015 edition of Presbyterians Today, several articles highlighted this particular aspect of faithful living including one by Charles Wiley in which he noted:

This rhythm of grace and gratitude is key to understanding what it means to be Presbyterian. It is our Presbyterian accent on the gospel: all that we have is not by our earning but from God’s love for us, and in response we say thank you by sharing that bread, that love, with others. We share it because the bread was never ours to begin with; it was and is God’s.

We constantly read and hear and experience the reality that generous living is happy and fulfilled living, that we are most satisfied not in what we have but in what we give. However, this is counter to our cultural messages that we are defined by and, in fact, molded by what we own, what we wear, how we look.

As we enter into the season that begins with World Communion and Peacemaking Sunday on the first Sunday of October and ends with Epiphany Sunday when the wise men of the nations brought gifts to the peasant Christ Child, we at St. Andrew are being invited into the rhythm of grace and gratitude.

You will hear from your Stewardship Committee in the second week of October about a call to generous stewardship in support of St. Andrew, its mission and ministry, for the coming year. Please prayerfully consider your giving that we might continue the work of Jesus Christ among and beyond us. We will then go into Thanksgiving, a joyful time of remembering our abundance. Advent will be a time for reflection on our actions of generous living so that, as we prepare for the birth again of hope, we think together on how we live that hope in our daily lives.


St. A’s Family News


Phyllis Burgoyne died at home on August 31st. Her memorial service will be held at St. Andrew on October 3rd at 2 pm

Flo Smith died in hospice care in San Jose on September 2nd. Her service was held at St. Andrew on September 19th


Worship in October

4:          Sacrament of Holy Communion; World Communion and Peacemaking Sunday.

11:        Stewardship season begins; Columbus Day weekend.

18:        Robin Crawford, preaching.

25:        Reformation Sunday; Robin Crawford, preaching.


Worship Notes

This is a busy month at St. Andrew on Sunday mornings. October 4th is World Communion Sunday, the day that we unite with Christians around the world to celebrate the gift of bread and cup that Jesus left for us to remember him. The Presbyterian Church invites us to recommit ourselves to the call to be peacemakers on that Sunday and so we shall receive the 2015 Peacemaking Offering (see page 1). October is traditionally the month in which we remember that we are all stewards of this treasure God has given us. Throughout the month, you will hear Minutes for Stewardship. We end the month with Reformation Sunday, the anniversary of the day in 1571 that Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation.

Big thanks to Roy Stotts who has been baking our communion bread. Remember that we also have gluten free wafers for those who need to have their bread in that form.


About People

Stella Christ, a freshman at University of Oregon, made first trumpet in the band out of 36 trumpets in the band. Go Stella!


Thank You from the Fredenburg Family

We would like to thank our St. Andrew Church Family for all the caring, love and support that has been given to our family over the years. Our family has faced its share of challenges in the last two years but, no matter how dark the situation got, there was always someone from the Church there to help. Just when you think you can’t take anymore, there’s somebody there with a card, a hot meal, a prayer, a hug, and you go on. I didn’t used to be completely convinced that prayer actually worked. I didn’t doubt that it could work, but the scientific proof is a little light. On January 28th of 2014, my son Robert, had a near fatal skateboard accident. I can’t prove that prayers to God saved my son’s life (although I know they did.) What I do know for certain is that your prayers and faith have sustained Robert, Shelagh, Lisa and me through these trials and tribulations. One of the first lucid things Robert said as he was coming out of his coma was “it feels like there are people from the church standing all around the bed.” I feel like I witnessed a miracle last year. That is the power of prayer and faith in God.

In January of this year, I was diagnosed with brain cancer, and again the support of our Church Family has been tremendous. We thank all of you for your cards, and prayers, and love, and support. I’m trying to come up with some brilliant way to conclude this… I think a simple sincere thank you to God and our Church Family is most appropriate. We couldn’t have made it without you. Thank you!

Session and Deacon News


Annual Church Picnic

What a fabulous time we had on September 13th at our annual church picnic. 95 of us got together at San Pedro Valley Park for food, fun, fellowship and games. Big thanks to our dynamic duo, Wally Cunneen and David Koblitz, who organized us and worked tirelessly to make this great. Thanks to Heather and Max Burns for the children’s activities, to Haley Fiske and Jacob Micheletti, piñata wranglers, to our setup crew, to our barbecuers, and our clean up crew. We had over twenty volunteers help to make this a wonderful event for us all. It was ag reat time for fellowship, delicious food, perfect weather (as promised) and fun for everyone.


2015 Harvest Festival

Last year, we had a wonderful time enjoying one another’s home crafted products and goodies and supporting our children and teens to attend Westminster Woods. Over $2,000 was raised for camperships which we gave out last month. We hope to do the same this year on Saturday, October 17th, but need your help! We would love to have donations of anything you would like to share: needlework, woodwork, baked goods, craft items. We are looking for helpers, so if you don’t feel crafty…. For the day of the event we are looking to borrow easy-up shade structures. If you have one, please contact us. For more information or to let us know what you are donating, please call Peggy at the church office 359-2462 or Judi at 355-1072 or email the church office at standrewpacifica@ sbcglobal.net.



At the regular meeting of the Board of Deacons on August 25th, your deacons rejoiced in the response to the sale of emergency disaster kits. If you know of a project like this that the deacons could do to benefit the congregation, just let us know!

Because of your generosity, the Deacons were able to make contributions to NAMI San Mateo (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) for $250, to CORA (Communities Overcoming Relationship Abuse) for $250, and to our own SASH for supplies for $100.

We were pleased to hear this summer from representatives of two organizations supported by deacons funds: Andy Meiman spoke on behalf of the Pacifica Educational Fund and Cathy Abel, Director of Pacifica School Volunteers, spoke on behalf of that organization.

Finally, we received a thank you letter from Joseph P. Riley, Jr., Mayor of the City of Charleston (South Carolina) for our donation to the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund:

Dear Congregation:

In this time of great tragedy — but also of hope — in the Charleston community, your generosity in contributing to the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund is appreciate by all. The money raised will be used to help the families of the victims with funeral expenses, along with other needs, and to help Mother Emanuel AME Church as they overcome this tragic loss.

Again, thank you for your concern and generosity. Your act is a model of thoughtful citizenship.


Pacifica Resource Center

In the past month, we donated one box of food on August 30th, three boxes of food on September 6th, one box of food on September 13th and September 20th, and two boxes of food on September 27th. Thank you to all who help the hungry. The Resource Center regularly needs kid-friendly food such as breakfast cereal, mac and cheese, tuna, jam and jelly (they can get peanut butter from Second Harvest), as well as dried milk, pasta and rice. Please, no calendars.


For and About Families

Sunday School

The quarters for the Heifer Project that you donated during the summer were counted on Labor Day: $43.75! That is 175 quarters! Thank you so much for your generosity. Now, let’s see what we can collect this school season!

The Joan of Arcadia class for grades 6-8 will meet in October on the 11th and 25th for the whole hour. If you are older and want to be a part of this class, you are very welcome!


Kids’ Club

Kids’ Club had a wonderful time at the end of August on Linda Mar Beach. Margo Meiman, a member of the Pacifica Beach Coalition, led us in an all-about-the-beach experience. We got to pick up trash, learn about being good stewards of God’s creation, and see some of the restoration and bird protection that the Pacifica Beach Coalition has been working on.

In October, we are all about pumpkins, of course. Heather and Max Burns have offered to be our pumpkin wranglers for a special afternoon of decorating pumpkins and games. Mark your calendars for October 25th, from 3 to 4:30, in the Social Hall. Wear or bring an old shirt that can get painted on!


Westminster Woods

2015 Family Camp Weekend

October 2nd-4th

What a great way for the whole clan to relax and enjoy 48 hours of life at The Woods, with delicious meals in our dining hall, hiking in the redwoods, lounging by the pool, and s’mores around the campfire! Some of the activities available will be:  archery, nature hikes, yoga, and time on the Challenge Course!  Your family will have your own cabin for the weekend, or you can choose to share a cabin with another family, or bring your own tent — it’s up to you! Go online to www.westminsterwoods.org for more information or to register.

Looking ahead:

NovemberBash for middle schoolers

November 6th-8th

DecemberFest for high schoolers

December 4th-6th

Women’s Weekend (just one!)

January 22nd-24th

Forest Adventure for 4th-6th graders

February 5th-7th

Men’s Weekend (yay!)

February 19th-21st

Youth Group

The Youth Group meets on the first Sunday of the month for brunch together. So, if you are in 9th through 12th grade and want to join us, meet at the church at 11 am on October 5th, to walk over to Pacific’s or the Grill. If you have $5 to throw into the kitty for lunch, bring it.


Trick or Treat for UNICEF

Once again, we will make those familiar orange boxes available for all kids (or adults) who would like to trick or treat for UNICEF, the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. Wherever in the world that children are in need, UNICEF is there. A particular concern of both UNICEF and the Presbyterian Church (USA) has been the increasing disaster in the African nation of Malawi. As a result of catastrophic floods this winter which displaced more than 300,000 people and prevented the planting of crops, the people of Malawi face severe food shortages. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance has responded with emergency food aid and is working with the Presbyterian churches and synods in that country. UNICEF has also ramped up assistance to the youngest and most vulnerable.

Opportunities for Growth

Bible Study!

From His Jail Cell in Rome . . .

. . . facing execution, Paul penned an exuberant letter of joy and encouragement to his favorite church, far away in Philippi, Greece: “I put behind me what’s past. I don’t look back. I press on to the higher calling of my Lord.”

Join us in a study of Philippians! and together we’ll find what this marvelous letter says to each one of us today.

Monday evenings in October, 7 to 7:50 p.m. in the last Sunday School room. Organized by Hal Humphrey. See him for info and rides (650) 355-4946.

Zephyr Point

Women’s Retreat

October 9th – 11th

The Zephyr Point Women’s Conference is a chance to get away with other women and experience the rest, relaxation, and re-creation afforded by the majestic setting of Lake Tahoe. Here you can expect to be taught and challenged by quality Biblical teaching, inspired to worship through music, and encouraged through a community of women who come together with the unified purpose of knowing God, knowing each other, and knowing oneself.

Featured Presenter: Marilyn McEntyre

Marilyn has 30 years’ experience of teaching, the last twelve at Westmont College. Her books include three volumes of poetry on Dutch painters (Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh); Christ, My Companion: Meditations on the Prayer of St. Patrick; and most recently, Caring for Words in a Culture of Lies. She has written numerous articles and edited and authored other books on literature, literary history, and medical themes and issues in literature. Her teaching of writing is grounded in the conviction that writing can be a spiritual discipline, can fuel prayer, and, at its best, can leave the writer as well as the reader “surprised by joy.”

Cost ranges from $179 to $319 depending on accommodations.

Sprucing Up In the Pines

October 23 – 25

Zephyr Point volunteers are always appreciated at this event where so much work is accomplished, readying and improving the grounds for the upcoming season. If working in a beautiful setting painting, hammering, raking, sewing and having fun with other volunteers sounds like a great way to spend a weekend, consider joining us for Sprucing Up in the Pines. Stay free in one of our cozy cabins and leave the cooking to our dining room chefs. The only cost for the weekend is $62 for our reasonably priced meals. Or you could cook in your cabin! Let us know what your talents are and we will match you up with something that needs to be done.

For more information or to register, go online to zephyrpoint.org or contact the office at (775) 588-6759.

Movie Night

Mission Hospice will present two films about how we live and die. All are invited.

Alive Inside

Thursday, October 22nd, at 6:30 pm

This joyous film follows social worker Dan Cohen as he unlocks the minds of patients using the healing power of music. Featuring the late author Oliver Sacks and musician Bobby McFerrin, this film will renew your sense of wonder.

Go In Peace

Thursday, November 12th, at 6:30 pm

In honor of Veterans Day, we present this magnificent, moving 2014 documentary about helping veterans who are facing the end of life — and struggling to resolve the past.


2015 Peacemaking Offering

October is a time for Presbyterians to both celebrate World Communion Sunday on the first Sunday of the month and, when we are united around the table of Christ with the peoples of the world, to remember that our Host called us to be agents of peace and reconciliation in the world.

This year, the Session, through the Mission Committee, is inviting us all to fulfill that commitment by joining in our annual Peacemaking Offering. As in years past, ½ of the receipts will be remitted to the General Assembly and Presbytery of San Francisco for international and regional projects to further peacemaking.

The other half of the offering will be donated to Freedom House in Burlingame. Freedom House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to bring hope, restoration, and a new life to survivors of human-trafficking by providing a safe home and long-term aftercare. In August 2010, Freedom House launched The Monarch, the first safe house in Northern California for adult female survivors of human trafficking. The Nest, its residential shelter for minors, is located in Santa Clara County. Freedom House works closely with law enforcement and community partners to identify survivors of human trafficking, and to provide them with the care and services they need to rebuild their lives. Through an innovative aftercare model, Freedom House is breaking the cycle of exploitation and creating new futures for survivors.

Hear from one woman about her experience:

Before I came to Freedom House, I was in a very dark place. I was so terrified and uncertain about everything. I had nothing. No direction and no hope. Things were so hard, and I had nowhere to turn to.

I came to Freedom House a year ago. I was alone in this spacious, beautiful house. My first week was so sad. All I could do was watch movies to distract myself. Every night I cried in my room, wondering what would happen to me since I came into the house with nothing. I thought the feelings of fear and hopelessness would never go away.

During the first few weeks, I was introduced to the amazing staff and volunteers at Freedom House. They showed me so much love. One volunteer drove from very far away just to come see me every week. I shared so much with her. She knew all my dreams, and I felt like I could just express myself. The people at Freedom House cared about me and became my friends. They helped me to build my self-esteem and have hope for my future. Because of their love, I felt at home.

It hasn’t been an easy road. I’ve had a lot of anxieties, disappointments and troubles along the way, and hardships often make me feel tired and want to stop trying. But the people at Freedom House have helped me do things that make me believe I can overcome these obstacles. They have supported me in my every step. I have mentors who guide me with wisdom and patience, and teach me the tools I need to reach my goals.

Freedom House helped me find God, to trust and have faith in Him and myself. I know that God brought me to the house for a reason and sent all these loving people around me. He gave me strength and hope, and that makes me want to keep going. There’s no room for giving up at Freedom House. It’s a place for love, trust, hope, belief, and support.

Right now I have a full-time job and am on a waiting list for my own apartment. The time will come when I will leave Freedom House to live independently. I know that I can face the big world because I will bring my treasures with me, the lessons that I have learned while living here.

Please give generously!


The next Newcomer’s Group will be held on Saturday, December 12th, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30. Child care is provided if requested. If you are interested in joining this group or if you have taken the newcomer’s group and want to join the church at this time, please call the church office.

Save the date for our next Harvest Festival on Saturday, October 17th. We will need craft items for sale along with helpers to set up and take down. Contact Judi Kuhn, 355-1072, for more information or to sign up.

On Saturday and Sunday, October 10th and 11th, from 1 to 4 pm, there will be a quilt show at the Sanchez Adobe Historic Site at 1000 Linda Mar Blvd. in Pacifica. There will be an exhibit of traditional and contemporary quilts, refreshments served and entertainment by the Montara Mountain Boys with no admission charged. Presented by the Sanchez Adobe Docents and the Pacifica Quilters.

Do you know anyone looking for a housemate or renter, or trying to rent out a room in their home? HIP Housing’s non-profit Home Sharing program can help make that a safe, comfortable process. HIP Housing has given free, long-term support to those who need it most in San Mateo County for 42 years. For more information, contact 650-348-6660 x303 or visit www.hiphousing. org.

For the taking: copies are available on the table in the narthex of our October newsletter; the September/October issue of the magazine, Presbyterians Today; the inserts Taking Faith Home from the previous Sunday bulletin; and the 2014 Annual Report.

The deadline for the November newsletter is October 15th. Please get your articles, flyers and notices to the church office as soon as possible, or email them to pennynewall@aol.com.
















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